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GrimmSpeed After Hours: 2017 Recap [Gallery]

From day one GrimmSpeed has always been a company comprised entirely of  automotive enthusiasts, it’s one of the things we hold in high esteem around here, and although we’ve grown considerably in size since the beginning, that still stands true to this day. As most typical car enthusiasts do, our employees will check out the local shows/meets as often as possible, so when we finally got the opportunity to start hosting gatherings of our own, we ran with it. The initial meet we hosted was a good way to start spreading the word and gauging what sort of interest the local community had for coming to hang out at the shop. Check out the blog post for the first-ever GrimmSpeed Meet here:

We all felt like we should do things a bit differently than the average meet. What we wanted to do was interact with those that showed up, not just take their entrance money and try to sell them a few t-shirts, but to check out their cars, have a few laughs, and get to know them on a personal level. That turned out to be one of the biggest pleasures of this undertaking. As the shows went on, more new faces showed up and the events started to feel less like work, and more like a big garage hangout with friends.

Fast forward to September, when we found ourselves staring at the face of our last event for the 2017 season. Although it was nice to have a little break from the chaos, in truth looking back at the past few months had me feeling pleasantly nostalgic. With that, I decided to put together an album of pictures that stood out to me during our past events. Without much further ado, here are my sentimental favorites:













The After Hours: Wrap-Up on September 15th came and went in a flash. It gave us one last chance to hang out with the now-familiar faces, catch up over some BBQ, and be in the presence of some of my favorite cars in Minnesota; not a bad send-off. Here is a bonus gallery of pictures from that day:












To those of you who came out to one or more of our events, or even supported us from a distance, I’d like to extend a personal thank you to each and every one of you. This much fun wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. See you all in 2018!



GrimmSpeed After Hours: 2017 Recap [Gallery]

GrimmSpeed’s Inaugural Friday Meet

As many of you know, GrimmSpeed’s inaugural Friday meet-up took place exactly one week ago, and now that we’ve gotten some time to decompress from everything I’d like to take the opportunity to reflect on what exactly took place. Here’s a short video to get those of you who couldn’t attend caught up:

The veneer of what happened is that of a small meet, show, event, or whatever you choose to call it, but it actuality turned out to be so much more than that at its core.  At the risk of sounding melodramatic, what I now realize is that last Friday brought a lot of us back to what being a car enthusiast is all about.

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I suspect that many of you readers are a part of the automotive industry in some form or another; techs, parts guys, tuners, installers, salesmen, etc. I myself started my path into the automotive profession by changing oil at a local Ford Quicklube. My point being is that we all know that the glitz and glamour of going to work where your hobby is the central focus can wear thin at times. However, days like last Friday give not just us at the shop, but everyone in attendance, an opportunity to push the rigors of the car-enthusiast lifestyle to the back of our minds. For at least a few hours we didn’t have to think about the stresses of work, what deadlines loom for finishing our builds, or what the internet has to say about our cars.


The comradery we saw from those that stopped by was evident and good attitudes were out in drones. Maybe it was the start of the weekend, maybe it was the almost-inexplicably gorgeous day, whatever it was, things just felt right. Of course Subarus and Fords were in attendance, but there was no shortage of Mazdas, Infinitis, Volkswagens, etc. The few times I was able to slink away from my duties and meander across the parking lot I could only smile as I overheard old friends catching up after the off-season and could sense new bonds being made over a common obsession. At its heart, is that not what a local car scene should be all about?


So what’s next? The logical conclusion after a successful meet like this is to keep things evolving, so for those who haven’t heard, we’re excited to introduce a series of gatherings that we’re referring to as GrimmSpeed After Hours.

ah_5-5-17 - Copy

Much of the same vibe of the first meet will be kept, but we’ve got plans to continue making things interesting and fresh so that what’s been created here never feels like a chore. If you haven’t checked out the event page for After Hours: Round 2 on June 2nd, now’s the time to do so:


The first meet’s crowd-pleaser was without a doubt Alex Docken’s G35 sedan, which after a long winter of body work and meticulous improvements, is road-worthy once again:


The type of attention Alex’s car received got us thinking of ways that we could carry that excitement over to non-employee car owners. Thus, throughout the GS After Hours series we’ll be hand-picking a car or two at each event to showcase inside the GrimmSpeed R&D space for the upcoming meet. Since the car is only as good as the person that financed/put it together, we will also be doing a quick interview of the car owner(s) for the GrimmSpeed Blog.

Another big thank you goes out to all those that stopped by for the first meet, we couldn’t continue doing this without all of the overwhelming support from the GrimmSpeed family. See you all at the next one!

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