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Product Release – GrimmSpeed Alternator Cover

We’ve done it again! We know that there are a lot of options out there for Subaru alternator covers, so when we decided that it would be fun to put the GrimmSpeed spin on it, we knew that we needed to come up with something that had all the characteristics of a great GrimmSpeed products (quality, craftsmanship, fitment, style) but that also had a unique look. For this, we looked to the Subaru engine bay for inspiration.

grimmspeed alternator cover

Drawing from the asymmetrical features in the engine bay, the horizontal lines on the Top Mount Intercooler and the design of the GrimmSpeed Tool Tray Radiator Shroud, we created something pretty neat. It all started with the use of our FARO Arm, to 3D scan the OEM alternator covers as well as the factory engine bays.

grimmspeed alternator cover engineering faro armWhat we ended up with was a unique shape that provided protection from the accessory belts as well as added a bit of style to what is typically an ugly, cluttered are of the engine bay. Machined and anodized mounting hardware provide a clean, safe and secure method of keeping the cover in place and brushed stainless steel, red, black and silver powdercoated finishes provide options for just about everyone, whether you want sleek and subtle or a splash of color.

grimmspeed alternator coverAs always, feel free to contact us with any questions or to order your own!

– Matt