Employee Build: Cody’s 2011 Turbocharged Nissan 370Z Touring

Today I’m happy to introduce one of the GrimmSpeed Assembly Technicians and the owner of a car all of us at the shop have been drooling over as of late; Cody Batch and his 2011 Turbocharged Nissan 370Z Touring.

Cody is one of a handful of guys that puts together all of the GrimmSpeed goodies that end up on our shelves and at your door step. Countless electronic and manual boost controllers, up pipes, license plate relocation kits, intercoolers, etc. are personally inspected, assembled, and boxed up by him. He’s in charge of making sure that every piece of whatever kit the customer buys is not only present, but devoid of any sort of manufacturing defects. This can be a daunting job when you consider the amount of different part-pieces that make up each kit we manufacture, but he does so without fail. In fact, this is something I can personally attest to, since I’m one of the guys that has to deal with his mistakes (so don’t screw up buddy!). The next time you open up a GrimmSpeed product and the packaged-by card reads “Cody”, you’ll know you’ve got everything you need in front of you to tackle the install.

@chelton91 @extendedclipproductions
@chelton91 @extendedclipproductions

Cody has a history Subaru ownership, including a pair of WRX’ and most recently an STI and winter-daily Forester, but this is his first foray into the RWD world. He picked up the car just a few months ago with the intention of having a fast, head-turning summer cruiser that he could take to shows and blast down the highway in. As you can tell by the cleanliness, this is a perfect low-mileage example of the Z chassis with only 19,000 on the clock. The miles won’t stay that low for long however, since Cody plans to take as much advantage of the short Midwest car season as possible by doing what this car beckons you to do, drive.


Cody’s car isn’t as much of a “build in progress” as some of the others around the shop, but it will grow in its own right over the next few years. The car already has a handful of tasteful mods from the previous owner and Cody is planning to add a few more subtle exterior cues of his own this season, including vinyl wrapping the roof and switching out a more aggressive rear spoiler. As far as performance goes, the Z is currently making a healthy 432whp and 424wtq on wastegate pressure (7psi) with a fresh retune from DB Performance, so that likely won’t change anytime soon. Cody describes the Z as already the most exciting car he’s every owned, which is his way of saying that it’ll blow the doors off almost anything in his way…

“Mostly I’d like to keep the car how it is and maintain and keep it reliable, even though I’m a fuel pump, injectors, and e85 away from 600whp” Cody

@chelton91 @extendedclipproductions
@chelton91 @extendedclipproductions


  • Boosted Performance Single Turbo Kit V2.0 with Precision 6266 Turbocharger
  • Radium Oil Catch Can
  • South Bend Stage 3 clutch
  • SPL Camber Arms
  • Hotchkis Front and Rear Sway Bars
  • GTR Wheels (20×10.5 all around)
  • Swift Springs
  • INGS Carbon Fiber Lip and Side Skirts
  • Fujimura Diffuser
  • Fast Intentions Resonated Exhaust
  • Full JL Audio System
  • Custom demon eye headlights
  • GrimmSpeed Rear License Plate Surround 😉
@chelton91 @extendedclipproductions
@chelton91 @extendedclipproductions
@chelton91 @extendedclipproductions
@chelton91 @extendedclipproductions

Follow Cody @cody_batch to see some more shots of this car and keep an eye out for it in person at local shows this season.

Big thanks to Cody Helton of Extended Clip Productions for the beautiful pictures. You’ll definitely be seeing more of his work on future GrimmSpeed blog posts!

-Art @thenotorious_a_r_t


Things have really been picking up speed [pun intended] around the shop lately. The engineers have been busy putting the wrap on our first production line of catbacks, while simultaneously juggling a number of smaller projects that will get announced very soon. The assemblers and welders hardly get a few minutes to catch their breath with the amount of orders needing to be filled and the Sales Department is finally back to its typical crazy pace. With the weather starting to turn and tax checks coming in, it’s full steam ahead at the GrimmSpeed warehouse, but in all honesty this is the pace that we all tend to thrive at.

Last time I had briefly mentioned my basement workspace, so I thought it would be a good idea to give you a quick glimpse of where at least part of the build is coming together. Growing up tinkering with bikes, small motors, and eventually cars in the corner of my parent’s garage made me pine for a day when I could have a dedicated space to sprawl out all of my parts and tools. Luckily enough I was able to find a house with the perfect basement for such a work area; something that was dry and warm, but not necessarily a livable, white-carpeted den that I would be afraid to get dirty. The space itself is pretty modest in size so I always have to be cognizant not to overfill it with unnecessary parts. Ultimately that prevents me from hording on to too many things, a problem that most of us car people share. Check out a few pictures of the parts den and my build assistant:

Art FXT Basement

Art FXT Employee Build-Basement

Art FXT Employee Build-Basement/Sarge

The progress on the car has been nice and steady since you last heard from me; the underside is completely stripped, and while being rust-free, it still put up a fight coming apart into discard-able pieces. Now that new parts are flooding in, things will be coming together ASAP in preparation for Automotion in May.

Photo: @Acdef
Photo: @Acdef

The front end of the car is all but finished and is really getting me excited to get her back out on the road. I had mentioned previously that I had plans to modify a more aggressive lip to fit the front end and I’ve done just that. I’ve seen a handful of [non-06/07 STI] Subarus rocking this particular piece, but I’ve never been satisfied with the over-sized look of it. With that in mind, I took to shortening it by about 4-5 inches in the middle and adding a few strengthening brackets, effectively making it into a better-fitting two-piece lip [See first picture for final fit on the car]:

Art FXT Front Aero

For those of you who have asked, the GrimmSpeed Hella Horn Brotie Bracket does mount up to the SG5 core support, one small tab needed to be bent and a secondary nut/bolt was added into an existing hole to make sure it didn’t swivel over time. OEM grill clearance is a bit of a toss-up however and the horns may come in contact with it unless the Brotie is bent back a bit, not a problem I had since my DIY grill gives the horns substantially more room:

Art FXT Front Aero Grill
Photo: @Acdef

Since a lot of Subaru Forester XT owners seem to have issues with leaks developing on their OEM radiator around the 100K mark, I decided to preemptively tackle the issue before I was left steaming on the side of the highway this summer. The obvious choice was to go with a Koyo replacement, for which I’m happy to say there is a plug-and-play version for the SG FXT. As always with Koyo products, the build quality was excellent and fitment for the fans and core support was spot on:

Art FXT Koyo Rad (1) Art FXT Koyo Rad (2)

I got in contact with the awesome staff over at Whiteline and have been working on finalizing a long list of much needed underbody components. Expect an unboxing and review of those pieces soon! I also put in a sizable order with RallySportDirect and have been receiving some of those parts already. As you can see I’ve decided to go with DBA4000 rotors, Stoptech pads, and Stoptech Stainless Brake Lines based on overwhelmingly good reviews. Brackets from Kartboy will make mounting the Legacy 2-pot rear calipers possible. All new bearings and seals will be going in as soon as I’m done stripping the old ones out and ARP extended studs will be thrown in for the new wheel setup.

Art FXT Suspension- Brake Setup

Speaking of the new wheels, those of you following me on Instagram (@avpetrakov) have gotten a little preview of what I ended up settling on, for the rest of you, I plan to showcase those, along with suspension reassembly and a few aesthetic updates in the next post.

Make sure to stay tuned!