GrimmSpeed Sponsors The 48hrs of Tristate Drive

grimmspeed 48hrs of tristate

GrimmSpeed is excited to announce that once again, we’re sponsoring The 48hrs of Tristate Drive in New York and New Jersey. A great deal of information, routes and registration are all available at the official website (see below). The charity this year is Alex’s Lemonade Stand, which is dedicated to fighting childhood cancer. There will be a raffle held at the Subar of America Headquarters in Cherry Hill, NJ on Friday and the more money you raise for the charity, the more tickets you get for the raffle! See details below.

  • Date: January 17-19, 2014
  • Registration & Info:
  • Cost: Drive Donation to Charity is $100, Passenger is $75

Please visit the website and contact Mike and the rest of the 48hrs committee with questions or to get involved!

GrimmSpeed SEMA 2013 Experience – Part 1

sema subaru brz grimmspeed With a successful week at the annual SEMA show in Las Vegas under our belts, it’s time to reflect. By now, you’ve probably seen photos of all of the hottest new cars and products at SEMA and you’ve already read the snoozefest rundowns on each, so instead of boring you with more of the same, what I’ll share is a an inside look at the GrimmSpeed team’s trip to the Sin City. Alex (purchasing), Chase (engineering) and I put in a long day on Monday before catching a 9:10pm flight out of town. It’s an interesting demographic, the folks that fly a budget airline out of Minneapolis for Vegas on a Monday night, but that’s a story for another time. We arrived at the MGM at around 11:00pm local time, just in time to witness the slow deterioration of class and dignity while we checked in. grimmspeed las vegas sema 2013 Alarms were buzzing bright and early and we caught the first monorail out to the Las Vegas Convention Center. Arriving to the show two hours before it opened actually offered an eerily peaceful introduction to what would soon become a complete madhouse. The outside show areas are open much earlier than the main halls and aside from those tending to their booths and wiping down cars, we had the show to ourselves. Highlights included the entire fleet of Optima Ultimate Street Car Challenge competitors, an up-close look at Ryan Tuerck’s 2JZ FRS Drift Car and poking around JC Meynet’s 2006 STI Time Attack Monster. Tuesday’s early morning focal points were definitely of the purpose-built, badmammajamma variety.

subaru sti time attack optima ultimate street car challenge grimmspeed
This beautiful white GR STI was basking in the sun all week among the rest of the Optima Ultimate Street Car competitors. With the ‘all business’ stance and killer HRE wheels, this car commanded respect.
scion frs ryan tueryk formula drift 2jz grimmspeed sema
Ryan Tuerck’s Formula Drift FRS draws attention with it’s neon wheels but seals the deal with it’s 2JZ power-plant, fully sorted chassis and a crazy dude a the wheel.
jc meynet 2006 subaru sti time attack global time attack
With a motocross background, JC Meynet is no stranger to serious competition and shaving tenths around a racetrack. After a year of daily-driver duty, his 2006 Subaru STI seems to have found it’s home on the racetrack. The condition of the body tells me it’s plenty comfortable off track as well.


jc meynet 2006 sti time attack subaru grimmspeed
We loved the bare-bones, no fluff interior of JC’s car.

The remainder of Tuesday and Wednesday was spent primarily in educational/informational sessions, discussion forums and speakers. Among those we had the pleasure of hearing from were Cleo Shelby (racing legend Carol Shelby’s wife), Wilfried Eibach (chairman of the Eibach Group), Jamie Allison (director of Ford Racing) and Gene Stefanyshyn (vice president of innovation and racing development for NASCAR). To hear from people with such great passion for our industry and interest in the direction that it’s headed is both inspirational and exciting. The passing time between sessions was filled with quick jaunts in and out of the various halls, trying to get a taste for what each had to offer and an idea of where our time on Thursday and Friday would be best spent.

sema 2013 center hall grimmspeed
The twins (Scion FRS and Subaru BRZ to the uninitiated) were very well represented at SEMA, so it was fun that some exhibitors offered a unique view from time to time.
Hard to miss Dai Yoshihara's BRZ drift car. We're told Falken will be holding a contest to design the livery, so you artsy folk should keep an ear out.
Hard to miss Dai Yoshihara’s BRZ drift car in yo face. We’re told Falken will be holding a contest to design the livery, so you artsy folk should keep an ear out.

Knowing we were in for a long week, we did our best to fight the urge to storm the halls like mad men after sessions for the day had ended and worked even harder to avoid succumbing to the neon-infested temptation that is the Vegas Strip after dark. Despite our greatest efforts, we did find the energy to swing through the Formula Drift 10th Anniversay party on Tuesday and spent Wednesday night exploring downtown Vegas. If you’ve never been to Vegas (and I hadn’t), Fremont Street downtown is definitely worth the $2 bus fare. I loved the more relaxed atmosphere, cheap drinks and street magicians.

freemont street vegas grimmspeed sema
Freemont St. in downtown Vegas is quite a sight to see. Definitely a cool vibe and a lot of energy. It could have just been that the 2013 National Potato Salad Championship in town. Maybe it normally sucks.

Part 2 will include many more photos from the show floor, a recap of the Global Rally Cross season finale and a biased summary of some of our favorite cars and products, so stay tuned.

Product Release – GrimmSpeed Alternator Cover

We’ve done it again! We know that there are a lot of options out there for Subaru alternator covers, so when we decided that it would be fun to put the GrimmSpeed spin on it, we knew that we needed to come up with something that had all the characteristics of a great GrimmSpeed products (quality, craftsmanship, fitment, style) but that also had a unique look. For this, we looked to the Subaru engine bay for inspiration.

grimmspeed alternator cover

Drawing from the asymmetrical features in the engine bay, the horizontal lines on the Top Mount Intercooler and the design of the GrimmSpeed Tool Tray Radiator Shroud, we created something pretty neat. It all started with the use of our FARO Arm, to 3D scan the OEM alternator covers as well as the factory engine bays.

grimmspeed alternator cover engineering faro armWhat we ended up with was a unique shape that provided protection from the accessory belts as well as added a bit of style to what is typically an ugly, cluttered are of the engine bay. Machined and anodized mounting hardware provide a clean, safe and secure method of keeping the cover in place and brushed stainless steel, red, black and silver powdercoated finishes provide options for just about everyone, whether you want sleek and subtle or a splash of color.

grimmspeed alternator coverAs always, feel free to contact us with any questions or to order your own!

– Matt